It’s no secret that Guthrie Govan is a monster Rock Fusion Guitar Player. cool Jazz Line using Chromatic Notes and the Melodic Minor Scale. yeah thats cool, once ive finished my A levels i’m going to one of the following, GIT/ ACM / BIMM, BIMM would be cool with Guthrie teaching. Licks in the Style of Guthrie Govan Guitar Lesson Tutorial. One thing that is very apparent in Guthrie’s style is the way he chooses to use chromatic notes.

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Muris, have you seen the clips of Guthrie’s guitar clinic? Sittingbourne, UK Member No.: G7 – Am7 – Bm7b5. He is an amazing composer and his technique is incredible. The phrasing is excellent, and his tone is so smooth. With these legato patterns try to keep as light a touch as possible as this will yield the best results. Signing up gives you instant access to free bonus lessons!

Practice this very slowly maintaining control In this study, you’ll get special insights into his unique playing. Add a Comment click here to cancel reply.

Guthrie Govan – Chromatic Lick Lesson – Chromatic Licks Tabs.pdf

Guthrie Govan is one of the most interesting new guitar players for me. Righty then, lets seperate the men from th But Guthgie in my opinion his improvisations are the best. Like I guuthrie this track may sound familiar since it has been used in several other of my tutorials but it fits since we’re in C Major.

I think he only has one album guthrrie, it’s called “Erotic Cakes” and it’s fantastic!! Gabriel Leopardi View Member Profile. I absolutely love Guthrie! Quick Lick 4 Guthrie Govan Style For those of you who lead busy lives and struggle to get guitar practice into your daily schedule, quick licks offers a way of improving your vocabulary and ear in just 10 chgomatic a day. When I think about his solos I see a lot of chromatic licks If you have not Donated … and you Appreciate all the time and effort we have put into these Free Lessons over the last year … Please help us out with a Donation … your support is what will keep this machine going … and allow us to continue to bring you Free stuff.


Fusion style improv(Guthrie Govan BT)C4C – Ultimate Guitar

This final Lick is very reminiscent of Guthrie’s style of playing and is one that he uses on a regular basis. He uses lots of chromatic notes and tapping in his playing, and many lighting-fast alternative picking passages. Again the use of motivic development cjromatic here in a sequential chromatic pattern which ascends on the top e string by step.

Take this very slow! Of course, it will be necessary to subdivide the parts so that you gguthrie put them together when you are ready to do so but it really helps me to see it as one lick.

Guitar Lessons – Licks in the Style of Guthrie Govan Tutorial

If you’ve not mastered the technique previously it would be beneficial to take this slow and use each arpeggio as an exercise in itself. This one is Guthrie at his core. Also, focus on keeping the taps, hammer ons, and pull offs dynamically equal! These licks are nothing special but I thought it would be ggovan quick easy way to start using these arpeggios.


This time we’re covering the amazing Guthrie Govan!


So onto our first 4 arpeggios diatonic to C major. For more in-depth information on maximising your practice time and finding your own voice on the instrument, check out my book Guitar Creativity — A new way of thinking.

Girona – Spain Member No.: Just wanted to start this thread about Guthrie, one of the greatest guitarists of our time! Playing Licks like Guthrie.

Chris Evans View Member Profile. This time he riffs on a standard ii- V-I Progression and later plays some Chord Voicings that might not be familiar to some … all of which outline a vi-ii-V-I Progression. This final section includes a very often used ‘Guthrie-ism’ in the final string skipped tapping lick.

I’ve watched them like a million times IMG: Have fun with the backing track guys.

Very similar to the video on Guthrie’s arpeggios that a did I while. Sign up for Spencer Bruce Music Newsletter. Maybe I’ll try sometime, but it will be hard Personally, Guthrie is a huge influence on my playing and I had a lick of fun making this tutorial. It uses a lot of different techniques and some interesting note chooses. Lick 4 The last lick is guthrif tapping lick that uses some 7th chord arpeggios.