Kautilya’s Arthashastra. 3. Book I, “Concerning Discipline”. CHAPTER I. THE LIFE OF A KING. Óm. Salutation to Sukra and Brihaspati. This Arthasástra is made. Arthashastra Book In Urdu Free Download ->->->-> 1 / 4. Page 2. 2 / 4. Page 3. error download offline address book exchange Arthashastra by chanakya kautilya in pdf free download. Download in PDF Labels: Arthashastra book, English Books This book is written by Great urdu novelist Abdul Haleem Sharrar and is a Romantic novel. Here you.

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Kautilyas Arthashastra Telugu Edition Kautilya, also known as Chanakya, is Indias most illustrious political economist of all time.

He regarded economic activity as the driving force behind the functioning of any political dispensation. In fact, he went to the extent of saying that revenue should take priority over the army because sustaining the army was possible out of a well-managed revenue system.


Arthashastra in Urdu by Shan ul Haque Haqi PDF Book

Kautilya advocated limiting the taxation power of the State, having low rates of taxation, maintaining a gradual increase in taxation and most importantly devising a tax structure that ensured compliance.

He strongly encouraged foreign trade, basing it on the premise that for a successful trade contract to be established, it had to be beneficial to all. He emphasized Urrdu control and investment in land, water and mining.

Kautilya was a true statesman who bridged the gap between experience and vision. For Kautilya, good governance was paramount. He suggested built-in checks and balances in systems and procedures for the containment of malpractices.

Many postulates of Kautilyas philosophy of political economy are applicable to contemporary times. Discount Buy More, Save More! Notify me when this product arthashastea in stock: The Business School Telugu Edition.

The 48 Laws of Power Telugu Edition. The Business of the 21st Century Telugu Translation. Corporate Chanakya Telugu Edition.


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